Dunki Movie Review | Shah Rukh Khan, Rajkumar Hirani

Dunki Movie Review | Shah Rukh Khan, Rajkumar Hirani

Dunki Movie Review in Bangla: A container. In which many food items are kept. The container is being refrigerated to keep it fresh. And some people have been pushed into that container like sacks. who are donkeys And their illegal route of people-trafficking is called Donkey-route.

Rajkumar Hirani's film 'Dunky' is actually like that container. Where many things have been crammed and stuffed. Some characters, some songs that won't be remembered, weak screenplay, police in England, Sarshe Khet in Punjab, wrestling arena, coaching center for English education - there are continuous boring lessons, emotions in love for the soil of the country, and a lot of trust in Shah Rukh Khan. Raju Hirani has filled his picture by combining all these things.

Reading this much, it may seem that the picture is very bad. Yes, bad. Especially, those who have seen Pathaan in the beginning of this year, Jawan in the middle of the year, their expectations about Shahrukh must have increased a lot. Both those movies are action oriented. Even though both the films have a lot of ganjakhuri action, the screenplays of both the films are tight. What Dunkey lacks most is a compelling story.

Donkey will start to appear ten minutes after the start of the film, how long will it be shown? 'It' refers to four young men and women in a village in Punjab, who risked their lives to reach London. The period is the nineties. Everyone wants to see their family happy. But their dream of reaching England - showing everyone separately, everyone suffering different misfortunes while trying to get a visa, all this is boring to see at a time.

Shah Rukh Khan's character Hardyal Sukhdev Singh Dhillon aka Hardy is not from that Laltu village in Punjab. Like Pathan or Jawan here Shah Rukh was a soldier in the past. He came to his village in search of someone who had saved his life. to return his tape recorder. On reaching there, he met the remaining four, who wanted to go to London. Among the four are Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushalra. Hardy quickly joined the four. He also joins the crowd, joining the rest as a donkey to London.

They all joined the class at the same time to learn English. If there is a role of a teacher in Hirani's film, Boman Irani is definitely called. Irani's two characters in Munnabhai or Three Idiots are iconic. In this case too, the English teacher is Iranian. But the humor of such a thick stain surrounds his class, it is easily forgotten at halftime. The dialogue is not memorable either.

The Dunky Show started after halftime. It seems like that could have been the focus of the original film instead of showing Dunky Root as game highlights. There was no need for the first half of the movie. Or even if it could have been shown at fifteen minutes. As Vicky technique was not needed. He himself acted well but had nothing special to do. The role is very short-lived. If anyone else had gone there instead of Vicky, nothing would have changed.

Hirani relied heavily on Shahrukh. If this stalled story continues, it will continue for Shah Rukh. Means for Shahrukh fans. At Christmas time, there will be some visitors. Shahrukh has played his character very well. There is no doubt about it. Taapsee, Anil Grover, Vikram Kochhar or Vicky will also like acting. But those beautiful performances remain like islands in the movie. There is no thread to tie this screenplay together.

Try to bring a little tension by bringing a twist at the end. Again to give a jerk, the entry of death. All seem cliche. In the booming era of OTT platforms, it is difficult for such a loopholed story to survive.
Probably the worst film of Rajkumar Hirani's career. Worst screenplay ever. 'Shah Rukh is the truth above all' has leaped with faith. If saved, King Khan will save. For example, his character saves the Dunkis in the film as well. Not once but twice.

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