Trump's $91.63 Million Bond: Desperate Appeals and Dubious Deals Revealed

Trump's $91.63 Million Bond: Desperate Appeals and Dubious Deals Revealed

Donald Trump throws in the towel and posts a staggering $91.63 million bond for the damages in his E. Jean Carroll defamation case as he moves forward with an appeals process that is likely to fail. All of his efforts to delay were  rejected.

The bond was underwritten by insurance company Chubb, because apparently they want to publicly show their support for a man who sexually assaulted a woman and then defamed her.

Unfortunately for Trump, Chubb has stipulated in the terms of the bond that they will only secure the appeal of the $83.3 million judgement. For any future appeals, Trump is on his own.

The bond sum is greater that the judgement itself because, as a rule, the district court usually requires that 110% of the bond be posted.

Imagine what kind of corrupt deal Trump had to offer them to get them on the hook for this money.

There is still no word on how Trump will come up with the $454 million that he needs to furnish by March 25th for his New York civil fraud case, but you can bet that he's running through every underhanded option in the book right now...

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